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Science Faction Times 
Earthdate::October 2006 

"The foundation of empire is art and science.
Remove them or degrade them, and the empire is no more.
 Empire follows art and not vice versa, as Englishmen suppose."
William Blake
"Art is science made clear." - Wilson Mizner

"What is art? Art thou." - Mitar

There's a powerful secret bubbling in cutting-edge circles of high-octane scientists around the world.  It would turn Darwin on his head, prove Einstein wrong and expose Newton's blunder. 
It would provoke cardinals, kings and corporations. 
And empower ordinary people.
It would call into question everything we've been taught to "know" and point us gently in the direction of  that ancient wisdom we deeply " feel".
This secret reveals that Nature has indeed evolved through the "survival of the fittest" - but that the fittest for Life are those who embody the chemistry of empathy and the ethic of oxytocin, not the parasitic strategies of self-ish genes  and the religion of violence.  And that what is "natural" and "evolves" is not always what is Life, but also what is Death
It shows that Life's language is not "red in tooth and claw", but a synchronous electro-magnetic energy that the very young Earthbio species Homo sapiens sapiens has named
 love...amour, aγάπη, agapi, , mal wees oor, hab.

The secret discloses that Life favors not rigid hierarchies and orders of discipline, but free-wheeling democracies and uncontrollable harmonies. 

It demonstrates that we are not a chosen species, but simply - and amazingly - the DNA sisters and brothers of every other living thing on this planet, including the 4-million-year-old bacteria whose viral progeny are the brain and body with which we read this page.

To acknowledge this secret could - if we so choose - drastically alter the paradigm, the glasses, through which we view - and shape - our reality: the Earth, the Universe, our society, our Selves.  Not as Newtonian machines to be mastered by top-down exploitation and objectified by left brain phantoms called numbers, but as symbiotic wholes to be understood by listening to and harmonizing with their complex voices. 

It could turn our never-ending cycle of violence  into the creative cycle of life.
This secret is feared by that part of us that glories in empire and revels in apocalyptic stories of annihilation: The Alpha.   
It is loved by that part of us that glories in creation and revels in Life: The Child. 
The Artist. The I-magi-nation.
 So whose reality will we follow? 

Will it be Life's?  Or will it be Death's?

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