Relaaax on the Potato Farm


Social Networking for Social Progressives

After a hard day saving the planet, get online to celebrate, commiserate or just catch up with others here on the Potato Farm!  You're sure to find others who have the same interests or who are simply in the same mind space as you.

You've undoubtedly heard of Friendster, and, well,
The Potato Farm has got all the benefits of those online communities and it brings together socially progressive people from all over the world.  On the PFarm, you can hang out with friends, meet friends of friends, find a date or an activity partner, get the scoop on a job, or find out what's going on this weekend - political or social.  And the best part is that the people on the PFarm share your world vision - they care about the planet and each other. 


And no, we're not an exclusive bunch, it's just that we feel that the "mainstream" corporate media that so often excludes or marginalizes those who are progressive is in fact only a narrow segment of the population. We are the mainstream and it's about time we had a place we can network with others like us!


As members of the PFarm, you'll be eligible to get the inside scoop on all that is insite: insite films, music, TV, games and books - and you can collect potato spuds that you can redeem for insite stuff and events!  We'll also let you know about other cool entertainment and events that help make the world a better place.


Until the Potato Farm is up-and-running, we've gathered and posted a bunch of links to outside organizations that we hope you'll find useful and interesting. Maybe something in one of them could get the dialogue started (or at least encourage you to keep up the good work)! Like us, you've probably found that corporate news is not the place to find out what's really going on in the world around you. If so, we've also complied a list of non-corporate news sites and progressive blogs.  You can find them at iWYNN, our interactive World Youth News Network.


There are plenty of cool people out there and you'll meet plenty of them here on The Potato Farm.