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Think MoveOn.org gone pop
e plan to raise investment and buzz via an internet grassroots strategy so we can stay out from under the thumb of the "entertainment" industry that seeks to make us like every other money-over-emotion/meaning product they create, spit out and take the profits from.  We also will invite the millions of talented people around the world to participate in insite movies creatively.  Think MoveOn.org gone pop - and global. :)  

Although we've been trying for years to convince folks that this method of involving everyday people in the big money that well-made and well-marketed films can make, everyone both inside and outside the industry pooh-poohed the idea - until recently. Now, after Howard Dean raised 38 million on the web and internet groups like MoveOn.org have figured out how to tap into the progressive mass mind, people are finally seeing the light.

We figured it out after touring the world with kalin's prayer on the international film festival circuit and hearing from youth all over the planet that they were dissatisfied with the movies coming out of Hollywood and the *!#! coming out of MTV. We felt this huge audience just waiting to be tapped into.

Here's what independent film financier guru John Sloss had to say recently on Charlie Rose:

CHARLIE ROSE:  The Internet is used to raise lots of money for political candidates.  Ask Howard Dean, OK?  Ask John Kerry.  Is that a possible economic model, to use the Internet, because it`s instant connection with a whole range of people? 

JOHN SLOSS:  Well, it`s interesting you say that.  Obviously there`s securities laws that you have to deal with when people are investing and looking for a return, which is different from when people are making contributions. 


JOHN SLOSS:  There was a company, and is a company that is endeavoring to do public offerings online so that the inefficiency between the people who would want to invest in a film and the people making a film can be bridged. 

CHARLIE ROSE:  Is it a viable idea? 

JOHN SLOSS:  It`s a completely viable idea.  It`s funny, the first time I got this idea was when we were putting the financing together for a Victor Nunez film called "Ulee`s Gold," and "Ulee`s Gold" is a film in which Peter Fonda plays a beekeeper. And what we found out in the process of making this movie is that there`s a huge community of beekeepers, and they`re very proud of what they do, and they`re actually pretty prosperous.  And if -- they didn`t finance this movie, but if we had needed it, I have a feeling they would have banded together to invest to see their story told. 

CHARLIE ROSE:  Yes, that whole idea, you know, whether it has to do with television or whether it has to do with some other political candidates, or a movie, the capacity that the Internet gives you, an instant ability to find like-minded people. 

JOHN SLOSS:  It`s a great equalizer.  I mean, what we`re dedicated to at Cinetic is breaking through the inefficiencies of the lack of communication and information flow, and obviously the Internet is the great equalizer. 


Sloss and some investment bankers are giving the idea a go now in a company called Civilian Capital. TheMoviement.org would be similar, but would only produce movies that make the world a better place to live. 

You Create What the World Sees and What It Could Think as Our Producers
We figure if we are going to have business partners/co-producers, we'd rather have folks who feel about the planet and universe the way we do and if we are going to make someone some money, we'd rather it be you. Hey, if Howard Dean raised 38 mill for his cause, we think we can have even more of a long-term impact on the planet than he could have had as US Prez in a political system that is broken anyway.

Our Creative Partners
We also want to tap into the outrageously creative global mass mind to assist us with the creative part of our productions during the development stages.  We know that most highly creative people are NOT in Hollywood or at the major labels and therefore don't have access to making movies & music and the global mnemes that shape the world.  After all, whoever controls HOW and WHAT we think, controls the way we live...and die.

Producer Access to Video & Music

When we get the legalities of this all figured out, we will launch a TheMoviement.org website, put a prospectus up there and you will have the opportunity to invest in Rock the Planet and the InSub Records artists who will appear in the movie. You'll also get access to inside stuff that producers get to know and we'll have a special section of the Rock the Planet website with current behind-the-scenes video from the production, as well as the latest clips and photos from our artists!  Wooo!

Stay tuned...


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