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“Contemporary music is appallingly sick... boring chord movements and bad acting."
         - Joni Mitchell, 2002

"The artists [DeSales has] discovered for Rock the Planet are not only talented and charismatic, but my initial thought was, “they are the future of MTV” - real, socially aware and global.  I’m not alone: the senior music critic at Entertainment Weekly was so impressed by the singer DeSales cast as the film’s lead, he offered to write her up in EW immediately after seeing her perform live."
           - David Benjamin, Senior VP, Universal Music Group, former attorney to
          Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J & Lead Producer
          for NBC
Friday Night Videos

“The artists DeSales has chosen for Rock the Planet and InSub Records are the anecdote to the corporate-packaged musicians so common in the industry today.   They are passionate, intelligent and driven by their art."
             - Rosie Lopez, Senior VP, Worldwide Marketing, Tommy Boy Entertainment


No, we don't want to sell our artists to MTV, but InSub Records does want to approach the $50 billion music business in a number of (r)evolutionary ways that we believe will attract the best new artists and the largest, most loyal audiences from around the world. We believe that the drop in big label profits is not from piracy, but from the fact that they do not sign musical artists anymore - merely corporate mouthpieces who ultimately fail to provide the emotional resonance that audiences crave.

InSub believes that so-called "mainstream" music is really "narrowstream" music created by corporate officers to  homogenize youth to sell goods other than the music. This narrowstream of music does not reflect the tastes of the majority of global music lovers, but of a small group of executives who have a very poor average with respect to choosing artists who connect with music lovers – only 1 in 10 of the bands they choose to sign actually turn a profit… that’s a batting average of .100.

InSub Records is confident it will attract talented new artists because of its fair profit distribution, its commitment to artist integrity and development, and its planetarily responsive philosophy.  Female artists will appreciate InSub’s ability to make them as huge as they wanna be without marketing them as sex objects. Male artists will be glad we won't push them to fill the macho stereotype that corporate labels have created.

InSub principals will utilize their superior, street-savvy "ears", digital technology and an artistic vision that is one step ahead of the musical curve to compete with the ever-stagnating, increasingly out-of-touch corporate conglomerate labels for a profitable portion of the music pie.  As major labels lose touch with their audiences, their profits have gone down.  They blame it on piracy.  Profits at independent labels during this time, however, have gone up.

InSub's founding artists will be featured in insite film's, Rock the Planet and the Rock the Planet International Music Festival (see below).

What We're Looking For

Music from the inside out; a broad and curious approach to the technical; emotional intensity; a humanistic global vision; and uninhibited live performances.  Although InSub artists will be unique, interesting and always looking to grow, they will still be accessible to some sizeable audience.  Think Tori Amos, U2, Sinead O'Connor, Bjork, Radiohead, Alanis Morissette, R.E.M, Ani DiFranco, etc.   

 InSub Seeks

: InSub seeks to form 50/50 equitable partnerships with musicians, not exploit them,

: InSub seeks to sign musicians with passionate, authentic voices who sing from the
  inside out, rather than those singers constructed to sell (or be) ads for commercial

: InSub seeks musicians who have the courage to give their full emotional selves
   at their live performances and who never take their audiences for granted,

: InSub seeks talented female artists who are interested in promoting themselves
  as musicians, not sex objects, and male artists who reject the cult of music violence,

: InSub seeks to create a collaborative, nurturing atmosphere among its artists,

: InSub seeks to find ways to ensure that its studio recording techniques
  capture the emotional depth and immediacy of its artists "live" performances.

The New Way

Further, InSub is not only not afraid of new technology - as are many of the “established” labels - it welcomes the opportunity to utilize these new methods to reach untapped global audiences in the most efficient ways.  In fact, that new technology will allow InSub to tap into what we believe is a large, underserved market for the many talented InSub musicians who will provide an alternative to the current trend of aggro-rock/hip-hop and processed pop.  We further believe that InSub can “break” its artists - who don’t fit into the “narrowstream” formula used by the major, corporate labels - by utilizing new technology to the fullest.

From a brick and mortar perspective, InSub Records will seek to enter into a production and distribution agreement with a major international distributor while maintaining control of production, promotion, publicity and marketing.  By maintaining its autonomy, InSub can respond to the unique needs of its artists, utilize grass roots marketing strategies and operate quickly and efficiently; by entering into a P&D deal, InSub can leverage the power of a major label - a strategy that has been used successfully by many hip-hop labels.  

InSub Records will offer an online subscription service to supplement sales through the traditional retail outlets and will produce enhanced CD/DVD formats to provide audiences with a unique audio-visual experience of their favorite musicians.

InSub will feature its music on radiofreeinsite.com and also through podcasts produced by InSub artists.

Where the Majors Don't Go Anymore :: Worldwide A&R on the Street

At today's corporate labels, the development budgets are so low, A&R reps now surf the internet to find bands rather than get out to the "underground" to catch the vibe of what's really real and really connected to the ever-changing beat of the people. So, they regurgitate the same things, over and over. And music sales go down and down.

Through its global A&R and Worldwide Artist Development Programs, InSub will seek to discover and develop musicians in both traditional ways that the conglomerates have abandoned and in innovative ways on a global scale made possible by the internet and DV.  InSub will recruit a network of A&R reps from the colleges and the streets around the world who are hooked into the vibe of their community and into the soul of new music.

Global Music Incubator

When it is built, the Global Arts CoLab’s state-of-the-art brick and mortar presence will serve as InSub’s global talent incubator and insite’s music R&D arm.  It also will serve as InSub’s recording studio. 

Records Don't Cost a Million Anymore :: Our DIY Vibe

Or even $50,000. In fact, although the average debut major label recording session costs $175,000, several of our Rock the Planet artists have already recorded amazing albums for less than $20,000. While we promise to provide all the technical assistance that is necessary for an artist to fulfill her or his vision, we also aren't going to waste what is actually their money on cookie-cutter producers, limo rides to get Thai food and release parties with pools and mermaids.

InSub Records’ strategic alliance with independent recording studio, Excello Studios and InSub’s no-waste policy will allow it to record high-quality CD’s and DVD’s for under $50,000.  By keeping the costs down, profits will be seen more quickly - for everyone.

InSub's Founding Artists :: Rock the Planet Movie & Music Festival

InSub will utilize the production and marketing of the multi-million dollar feature film, Rock the Planet, to break its artists out of the box in a big way.  

InSub’s founding artists will receive maximum exposure by being featured in the
Rock the Planet film, on the Rock the Planet soundtracks, by releasing studio albums in conjunction with the film, and by touring in the Rock the Planet International Music Festival upon release of the film (see below). 

      Proven Past Music Movies :: O Brother, Buena Vista, The Commitments

“The [O Brother, Where Art Thou?] soundtrack’s success indicates there’s a
huge audience sort of disenfranchised by radio out there. ”

  Luke Lewis, Mercury Records Nashville

Other independent, music-themed films have not only done extremely well at the box-office, they have spawned successful multi-platinum CD and music festival spin-offs with real music—and virtually no label support or radio airplay.

Recent examples include, O Brother Where Art Thou (45.5 million US box office gross, 6x Platinum Soundtrack, Individual Gold Artist CDs, 2 Music Tours, Tour Documentary DVD), Buena Vista Social Club Documentary (7 million US box office gross, 3x Platinum Soundtrack, Individual Gold Artist CDs, Music Tour, Tour Documentary DVD) and the 1991 The Commitments (15 million US box office gross, 12 million CDs, Pollstar Top 30 largest-grossing act in the USA). 

Of course, the movie Fame probably sold millions of soundtrack CDs, but, because it was released in 1975, there seem to be no public records of sales.

Record Sales from Unknown Musical Artists Featured in Film/TV

Record sales from previously unknown artists/bands after appearing in a feature film or TV show include:

: The Commitments (The Commitments): 12 million CDs – The Commitments 1 & 2

: Vonda Shepard (Alley McBeal): 12 million CDs – Songs from Alley McBeal &
7 other studio CDs recorded before she got exposure on Alley McBeal

: Evanescence  (Daredevil-sang theme song): 3.4 million CDs – Fallen

: Hillary Duff (The Lizzie McGuire Movie): 2.4 million CDs – Metamorphosis

: Clay Aiken (American Idol – Runner Up): 2 million – Measure of a Man

: Kelly Clarkson (American Idol – Winner): 2 million – Thankful

: Ruben Studdard (American Idol – Winner): 1.8 million - Soulful

Additionally, Earth, Wind & Fire were broken by a small independent movie about the music business in which they played themselves as singers, That's The Way of the World (also the name of their breakout soundtrack CD). The movie never became big, but EWF sure did!

Rock the Planet Music Festival :: Filling the Huge Market Void left by Lilith Fair

"It really is about cultural zeitgeist, and tapping into a collective unconscious, people are just reacting to something that's real."
 Janet Billig, Immortal Entertainment, Producer, O Brother, Where Art
Music Tour

Following in the successful footsteps of O Brother, Buena Vista Social Club and The Commitments, we will launch the Rock the Planet International Music Festival on the release of the Rock the Planet film. This Festival also will fill the huge void left by the highly successful, progressive music festival, Lilith Fair, which, in its 3-year history from 1997 through 1999, became one of the most successful music tours ever, out-grossing the all-male aggrofests Lollapalooza and OzzFest by nearly 2-1. It also donated more than $7 million to charity. The Rock the Planet Music Festival will feature the women and men of Rock the Planet and provide a rocking alternative to these aggrofests, which now includes the Anger Management Tour

We will sell artist and Rock the Planet merchandise at the Festival, as well as provide booths and products from socially progressive vendors and organizations.  We also will seek financial sponsorship from socially responsible businesses and products.

APE TO:  insite  273 EAST 10TH STREET   NEW YORK, NY 10009