: insite recognizes that mass media profoundly influences one’s thoughts and actions,
  both with respect to relationships with oneself and with others,

: insite recognizes that the resources devoted to mass media, especially
  entertainment, could feed and educate millions of human beings and, thus,
  entertainment should attempt to give something significant back to society,

: insite believes it has a profound responsibility not only to its audiences and its
  investors, but to the world community,

: insite recognizes that, historically, the content of mass media has not reflected the
  diverse makeup of our populus, but rather, a small minority - and thus a large
  majority is left to be served,

: insite believes that positive change for the world community starts with changing
  oneself positively,

: insite believes the arts should move people toward further understanding of and
  empathy towards oneself and others, thus creating a world less prone to violence
  - in all its blatant and subtle forms – towards oneself and others,

: insite believes that there is a very small real difference among people with respect
  to creativity and intelligence and that the huge gaps in "talent" are a result of social
  factors, including media representation,

: insite recognizes that, although it is healthy for women and men to explore and
  express their full range of emotions and qualities, entertainment has traditionally
  encouraged a very narrow range of behavior from both sexes,

: insite recognizes that the United States is one country in a world of many countries of
  equal human and cultural value, and that this diversity of culture is something we
  should strive to maintain,

: insite believes children should be taken seriously and protected from those who are
  not fit to raise them,

: insite recognizes that people do not lose value when they grow old,

: insite recognizes that the entertainment industry is structured so that typically it is
  only the artists who are most competitive and business-oriented who are hired
  - which excludes a lot of interesting and talented people,

: insite recognizes that artists today are not adequately compensated for the profits
  they generate,

: insite believes that the recognition of the above will make for richer, more interesting