Join the media (r)evolution.

ARTISTS:  insite is looking for people interested in creating art - film, music, new media, books, video - from the inside out, which also is consistent with our globally responsive philosophy and goals

If your art is brave enough to reveal who you are and connected enough to have something to say, we'd love to take a look/listen. 

We believe that lots of people around the world are  tired of the fake, homogenous commercials passed off as art these days by a small group of wealthy men and that you could serve that audience well. 

We know that what is termed the "mainstream" is whatever the guys in charge happen to like at any given time - and it's usually just a variation on the theme of violence - until some grassroots movement comes along to reveal what "the people" are feeling. 

Then, of course, the oligopoly co-opt it and turn it into commercials again. 

Remember,  there are no arts "experts" out there and that everyone is extremely creative, given the proper freedom and encouragement.  

Also, if you are a musician, we may want you on
InSub Records, on one of our soundtracks or in our upcoming movie, RoCk tHe PLaNet.

INSITE TEAM:  Soon we will be hiring people for InSub Records, insite Films and the insite home office in New York City. 

You don't  have to have experience or a degree and you don't have to live in NYC, but you do have to have a good work ethic and a commitment to teamwork.  

We are very interested in hiring creative nonconformists who've got lots of passion and heavy doses of curiosity and common sense.   

We need people in every country in the world and would consider full and part-time team members so you could also go to school or work another job at the same time. 

In fact, we prefer that you stay connected to your community and not holed up in an office somewhere.  

If you're interested in us, send info about yourself, including a resume, what music, films and books you like, and any of your own art or music, if you have it - in however dodgy shape (not necessary!) 

Or just
email us.

:: insite ::
271 east 10th street
new york, new york 10009 usa