: Be mean-spirit free,

: Raise, and sometimes answer, important questions,

: Let women and girls of all ages take the hero’s journey,

: Feature male artists/characters who respect women and value
  non-aggressive conflict-resolution,

: Avoid violence that is glorified and sex that is gratuitous,

: Reflect the ethnic melting pot that is the United States and the world,

: Value and take children and elderly people seriously,

: Highlight the community between generations,

: Feature stories by, and characters from, lower income groups,

: Utilize the creativity of nonconformists,

: Not discriminate in hiring staff and crew except with respect to talent and
  world view,

: Acknowledge that cooperation can release as much adrenaline as conflict,

: Respect animals and the environment,

: Highlight positive features of the cultures of other countries,

: Go out of its way to hire performers who may not be as aggressive or
  left-brained as their colleagues,

: Construct a profit-sharing structure with artists that is equitable,

: Utilize profits to benefit our global community.