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"DeSales went to NYU Grad Film School with the radical notion that there was an audience for meaningful films that celebrate the human spirit.  And that girls have that spirit.  If she only writes what she knows, we can be assured of a long line of exciting films - as a former star athlete and coach, and then fearless civil rights attorney, she aptly fits the bill of "girl action hero" herself.  Happily, DeSales possesses all the traits necessary to become a great writer/director/producer with a long career - a brilliantly creative mind, a relentless drive, a strong business sense, a genuine sensitivity to people and the hyperkinetic metabolism to make all happen - in a style that can only be described as electric."

Nina Rosenblum, Oscar-nominated, Emmy Award-winning producer/director

: Over the next 10 years, insite will produce five “planetarily responsive” feature film events with budgets in the $10-18 million range, and one “big budget” sci-fi event, CyberStar, the sequel to our kick off event, Rock the Planet. Each film will be be written and directed by insite’s Founder and Creative Visual Director, DeSales.

The current slate of insite movies includes Rock the Planet, CyberStar, Rookie, The Opposition and Glory a Lifetime


      10 years of inspiration

kalin's prayer - Debut Film

insite's debut offering, the 30-minute film, kalin's prayer, was one of the most successful films ever to come out of the prestigious NYU Graduate Film School, winning 50 honors at 128 film festivals in 31 countries.  kalin’s prayer’s 50 awards span a broad range from the mainstream to the cutting-edge to the socially conscious, as it has received critical acclaim around the world for its inspirational story, universal themes, naturalistic acting and innovative cinematic/sonic form.

Rock the Planet - Debut Feature Film Event

Rock the Planet will be insite’s first feature film event and will encompass a hybrid narrative/fantasy/documentary/science-faction movie about the destiny of Earth, a reality TV docu-drama, multiple CD studio and soundtrack releases from InSub recording artists and a Rock the Planet International Music Festival featuring the artists from the Rock the Planet film. The Music Festival will commence with the premiere of the film and run in conjunction with the run of the film (and beyond).

"I’ve seen quite a lot of singers over the years, and it’s very rare that I come away from a show thinking, ‘this person is ready for the big time’ – with the songs, the voice, the presence. With her charisma and guts, I believe she can carry a feature film."

-- Tom Sinclair, Senior Music Critic, Entertainment Weekly on seeing
    Rock the Planet
’s lead actor/singer perform live

Rock the Planet’s multi-layered philosophical themes backed up by cutting-edge science and its hip, articulate, international music cast make it uniquely suited to spawn not just a faithful, global community, but many synergistic global music products, especially at a time when global youth are craving something real and life-affirming after a decade of cookie cutter pop, misogynist rap and violent rock. 

We envision that the Rock the Planet Event will create a buzz and community in the likes of those created by American Idol, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Blair Witch Project and The DaVinci Code.


insite Films' award-winning debut - kalin's prayer

Kris Carr gets Best Actress Award from Robin Tunney at NYC's wildest fest, The Arlene Grocery Picture Show.  At right, our humble office and a few of our 50 honors from 31 countries! More info here.

"A visual feast and an emotional powerhouse.  No doubt my
 favorite short film. I was devastated afterwards."
Frederike Berndt, Director
Verzaubert International Film Festival : Berlin

"Brilliant! Despite a tall order, director DeSales handles
 everything with an expressionistic style and an empathetic
 heart.  A warm and honest movie that is as startling in its
 effectiveness as it is in its style."
David Lindquist, Director of Programming
 Laguna Beach Film Festival : California

"Truly a tour de force."
John Wojowski, Director
Manchester International Short Film Festival : England

insite Films

: Each movie contains a strong, multi-dimensional female protagonist, as well as a strong multi-national element, and will be uniquely suited for multi-national co-productions and international marketing efforts. 

: Each movie will be audience interactive in the pre-production and production stages via insite's online grassroots production company,, which also will be accessible via wireless.  People around the world will be asked to participate in both the financing/profitsharing and the creative direction of the films.

: Video diaries of auditions, rehearsals and creative meetings will be kept by DeSales and other key crewmembers, some of which will be streamed live online, some of which will be used in the Special Features section of the movie’s DVD.  Select actors also will be given DV cameras and asked to keep video diaries on and off set.  Visitors to will be encouraged to engage in dialogue with crew and cast members, as well as to participate in certain creative decisions. 

: Each movie site will be linked to insite’s portal,, where all things insite can be found, including insite clothes, games, toys and other paraphernalia, including an auction site that will list items from past productions/events. Profits from these auctions will go to the insite Foundation and other non-profit organizations. 

: Issues raised by insite product will be debated and discussed on by educators, school kids and street smart autodidacts and analyzed on insite’s internet broadcast news networks.   

: insite will distribute movie study guides to the appropriate educational, medical, addiction and public-interest organizations and facilities, many of whom will be strategic partners.    

: insite will produce its own soundtracks on its record label, InSub Records, as well as sign a select number of acts, which it will promote in its movies, spin-off TV shows/cartoons, music videos, concerts and on its various internet channels.   

: InSub Records will distribute its music through its own online subscription/distribution service,, as well as through deals with traditional brick and mortar distributors. It will develop its musical artists at its global music incubator, The Global ArtsCoLab, where the artists can also develop their music in front of live audiences. Music released via traditional distribution channels will be contained in value-added CD/DVD’s, which will include outtakes from movies, music videos for select singles and cuts from the artist’s recording sessions, as well as artist interviews.   

: insite also will publish "Making of..." e-journals and paperback books for each movie, which will introduce to the insite planetary community, the cast, crew, characters and the background of each story.   

: A “Making of…” documentary will be shot for each movie on DV.  

: Because insite films place a high premium on accuracy even in the realm of fantasy, a team of experts - including experts from academia and from the real world - will be assembled for consultation on each story.  insite will encourage these experts to discuss the issues involved in each film on local and national talk radio and television shows and on insite news and activist channels.

: insite Films will share profits with the creative individuals who help make the movies a reality, including principal cast and crew.