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"Talk about tipping point.  When she originally left the law in 1995 to develop her creative skills and a globally responsible media company, insite, DeSales may have had to convince people of its commercial viability and political timeliness. Now, with corporate music struggling to make a profit, and everyday folks screaming for films and music that strike a human chord, it appears that her vision - and Rock the Planet - are right on time." 
 Rosie Lopez, Senior VP, Worldwide Marketing, Tommy Boy Entertainment

"[insite founder] DeSales has that rare mix of unique creative vision, charismatic leadership skills, intellectual thoughtfulness and unrelenting will to become a major player in the global entertainment world....  She has within her the potential to change the way we see things in this industry and in the world....I look forward to 'the insite generation'." 
           - David Benjamin, Esq., Senior VP, Universal Music Group (fmr. attorney for
              Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J)

"insite represents a fresh start in popular media, not just an echo of Fox with a liberal bent. It's going to the roots: of culture, of music, of worship, of rebellion." 
           -  Mitch Horowitz, Editor-in-Chief, Tarcher/Penguin Putnam :: New York

"Girl Action Hero.  The time has come for a new kind of woman on the silver screen, says DeSales, Director of the multi-award-winning short film, kalin's prayer, and she's resolutely determined to get her up there... A pro-active woman if ever there was one, she's about to take on the biggest, and most conservatively entrenched entertainment industry in the world, Hollywood...Not one to be stuck in a feminist sidetrack, DeSales has ideas about changing things for boys, too... - Brian Finnegan: InDublin Magazine :: Ireland


                                           HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT (FROM MTV)

"The commercial logic [of MTV] is the idea that everything is dedicated to the idea of selling something. The whole point of the relationship with the teen is to turn them upside-down and shake all the money out of their pockets. That's the sole purpose of it - the artistic, the creative.

There's traditionally been a distinction between the editorial or creative side and the commercial side. It was a common theme in our media for much of the twentieth century."
Robert McChesney, Author, Research professor,
                  Institute of Communications Research, University of Illinois

(R)evolutionary Content: We Dream Like the Real Mainstream

insite is an artist-owned media company engaged in the creation and convergence of technologically-innovative, interactive, pro-social commercial media and events for the global youth community (and the child in us all).  Recognizing that George Lucas wrote the first Star Wars to discuss 35 socially-relevant themes, and having heard the dissatisfaction with corporate entertainment expressed by youth around the world, insite is confident its media will tap into the zeitgeist of millions.

Run by artists who care deeply about the world and who are tapped into what youth really want - and who also happen to have good business heads, insite will introduce passionate artists and characters who step outside the corporate box of gender, race and class stereotypes to explore their full range of feelings and capabilities. insite media will highlight multi-national artists and transnational content to show the coolness of other cultures and the commonness of our human emotions.

By wrapping its concept of planetary responsiveness into DeSales' hip, trend-setting style, insite will serve the real mainstream global psychographic that is searching for an entertaining alternative to the increasingly violent, narrow-minded, consumerist, vacuous and sexually objectifying media product that is homogenizing the market today.

"Even the U.S. Senate is more progressive than Hollywood.
Female Senators: 14 percent.  Female Film Directors: 4 percent."
Guerilla Girls Billboard, Hollywood (2003)

Over the next 10 years, insite will produce five “planetarily responsive” interactive events that encompass film, music, new media, television and outdoor festivals.  The centerpiece of each event will be a major motion picture written and directed by insite’s Founder and Creative Director, DeSales. From these films - in which girls get to take the hero's journey and boys don't have to be macho to be cool - all synergistic insite product and events will flow.

insite's mission is to grow a global community that identifies with global responsibility as a "lifestyle" in the same manner that popular media has been used by entrepreneurs to grow international communities identifying with the Hip-Hop lifestyle, the Christian lifestyle, the MTV lifestyle and the Playboy lifestyle.

insite's vision is to combine the fiscal goals of a for-profit enterprise and the passionate social commitment of a non-profit organization in its quest to become the most favored and trusted brand of popular youth (and young-at-heart) media in the world. (as in, watch out MTV...)

Move Over, MTV

"MTV: Misogynistic TV -  The "VJ's" do not represent us and the content of the majority of the shows are not geared towards us (even though 90% of the music is performed by us). The shows are aimed toward middle to upper teenaged white america who are enamored with urban "black" culture. Yet if I was white america, I would believe we were a bunch of gold teeth, panties-only, breast implanted, thugs who basically are the new "minstrels" of 2k...pathetic."
        - posted by nekalove on the black woman's message board,
          thecocoalounge (many more opinions like it on the board)

insite seeks to provide a much-needed alternative to the now worldwide youth media monopoly, MTV Networks, whose content is created to instill materialistic values in lieu of human ones and whose "creative" vehicles - stories, music, new media - are thinly-veiled commercials directed at socializing youth to believe that self-actualization and peace of mind comes from consuming products and engaging in self-destructive behavior.

Featuring cutting-edge visual and sonic styling, insite media will present a alternative different value system to that advocated by MTV and other corporate media, which valorize money over people, the rich over the working-class, caucasian over everybody (except when it's neo-capitalist hip-hop), mean-spiritedness over civility, guns over non-violent conflict resolution and men over women. 

Girls Take the Hero's Journey

"To the men who run film studios...'a movie about a woman's cure for cancer is less interesting than a movie about a man with a hangnail.'"
 - Oscar-nominated writer/director Nora Ephron, New York Times (1998)

insite positions itself as the first and only producer of mass media to directly appeal to the most under-served market in the world - girls and women who are looking for pro-active, multi-dimensional female role models to take the hero’s journey. This market currently enjoys unprecedented buying and decision-making power.

Globalization as It's Supposed to Be

insite also positions itself as the first and only producer of mass media to reach across artificial national boundaries (which are becoming increasingly irrelevant) to grow its international psychographic by developing product with global artists and content.

insite media will provide a competing set of ideas for the hearts and minds of the global youth that are increasingly influenced by the neo-capitalist media from the United States.

The Next Generation of Heroes

insite's movies, music and new media will provide the next generation of heroes, stories and songs that inspire international youth to make positive choices for themselves and a positive difference in the world as active global citizens. Through its convergence strategy and the powerful democratic medium of the internet, insite will connect with and grow a global community that identifies with global responsibility as a lifestyle.

The insite Generation -
 To build a democracy, you need democrats.

"Neo-liberals understood, however, that to transform the economic, political and social landscape they first had to change the intellectual and psychological one. For ideas to become part of the daily life of people and society, they must be packaged, conveyed, and propagated through books, magazines, journals, conferences, symposia, professional associations, student organisations, university chairs, mass media and so on.  ...

When these foundations have been carefully laid and built upon, views that once seemed minoritarian, elitist, even morally repugnant will gradually become widespread and predominant, especially among decision-makers. Press, radio and television can be guided to follow the lead of the more specialised or erudite media. Imperceptibly, nearly everyone will come to feel that certain ideas are normal, natural, part of the air we breathe."
            - Susan George, Winning the War of Ideas, Dissent, Summer 1997

insite will
grow a global community that identifies with global responsibility as a "lifestyle" in the same manner that popular media has been used by entrepreneurs to grow international communities identifying with the Hip-Hop lifestyle, the Christian lifestyle, the MTV lifestyle and the Playboy lifestyle.

In a world where “bad” means “good,” “mean-spiritedness” is “cool”, profits are our new prophets, and a rapper is awarded a Grammy award for glorifying the murder, torture and rape of women and homosexuals, insite will strive to make “doing good”, “being healthy” and "being unique" the hip thing to do. In fact, it's what most youth want and like to do anyway....  insite also will partner with other socially-responsible organizations and promote their messages through insite media.

Let's Talk about IT: Social Justice in Our Lifetime

insite media will stimulate discussion and inspire action among youth and people of all ages around such universal issues as globalization, democracy, the environment, gender, class & race construction, global diversity, child/brain development and mental health/coping with a dysfunctional world. insite media will raise awareness of issues not covered by the establishment media and present those issues that have been covered by the “mainstream” (aka corporate media) from a globally responsible perspective. 

In partnership with the insite Foundation,
insite’s ultimate goal is to organize the largest, most powerful, socially responsible activist community on the planet in order to effectively address global social, economic and environmental injustices. insite will establish the insite Foundation, its non-profit partner in changing the world for good.

insite Synergy: The Mass Mind

As insite grows, it will combine the following synergistic divisions:

: film & TV
: music
: new media
  : radio
  : video games
: book/zine publishing
  : educational programming
  : social networking
: advertising

 We ultimately look to have both a cable TV channel and a radio station for our
 unique content.

Good is Profitable

"I had a list of about thirty-five themes I wanted to explore in the film [Star Wars I], and giving up your own personal gratification for the good of others was one of them."
                - George Lucas, Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays (1997)

In order to make insite “the media to have” in the 21st century, we’ll mix the tone and tenor of such inspirational and commercially-successful films as Whale Rider, Dead Poet’s Society, Erin Brokovich, Silkwood, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Norma Rae, Fame, Good Will Hunting, Rent, Bend It Like Beckham, Finding Forrester, Billy Elliot, Elizabeth, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fahrenheit 911 and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon with the cutting-edge visual and sonic style of founder/director/cinematographer DeSales.  As films such as these have shown, it’s neither radical nor risky to make stories that challenge convention as they celebrate the human spirit.

iWYNN - Interactive World Youth News Network: The New CNN

By taking its brand to the news arena via iWYNN (Interactive World Youth News Network), insite will provide empowering information that furthers the global community interest rather than simply the private interests of corporate owners and advertisers. It will become the CNN of the 21st century as it relies not only on schooled journalists, but also on "reporters on the street" truly equipped to report 24/7 with their laptops and cell phone cameras. The insite Foundation will fund this division so iWYNN is free of money-making constraints.

insite’s mission is to build a globally responsive infrastructure by connecting youth to the political process and making their voice a strong one in both governmental elections and non-governmental processes, as well as by funding non-governmental organizations that possess the will to provide human services that state governments no longer do.

insite’s principles of global responsibility also will guide its role as an employer and corporate citizen.

(R)evolutionary Form: TheMoviement.org

insite will be (r)evolutionary in form as well as content as it grows the first worldwide grassroots online production company, TheMoviement.org, to both partially fund its productions and to tap into and connect the mass creative mind for advisory support and creative input. 

Of the Street - We Do Know Something

insite will stay in touch with what its consumers want by employing the creative energy of a diverse group of multi-national non-conformists, who thrive in the real world of the street and not the rarified and parochial world of conventional Hollywood executives. Indeed, the elitist, homogenous culture of Hollywood is the main cause of their out-of-touch, "nobody knows anything" philosophy and 90% product failure rates.

DIY Ethic

We also will
carry out a lean, non-traditional and street-wise global business model in order to avoid the irresponsibly lavish spending and fraudulent accounting practices of the media companies today.

Fair Share for Our Team

insite will earn loyalty from its employees and artists by treating them with respect and by offering them their fair share of insite profits.

Global Arts CoLab: Grassroots R&D

insite’s R&D sector will develop much of its own talent and harvest its own content at the
Global Arts CoLab, its musical talent incubator and multi-media global colaboratory to be located in the heart of one of the most fertile art communities in the world - the East Village in New York City. Other talent will be discovered by insite’s A&R teams located in colleges and on the streets around the world and from TheMoviement.org. It also will sponsor Doris Scholarships for artists to visit New York and study at The CoLab.

At the CoLab, insite will develop and fund the next generation of artists who give voice to the underrepresented sector of our global community and fund pre-existing media organizations that do the same.

Social Entrepreneurship

As the first and only company dedicated to building a socially responsible brand of mass popular communication, insite carries on the tradition of successful socially responsible capitalism exemplified by companies such as The Body Shop, Ben & Jerry’s, Tom’s of Maine, Rhino Records and Working Assets.

insite Foundation

The bulk of the profits made by insite's founder, DeSales will go to fund projects established by the insite Foundation.