Don't despair...We've got insite films for the next 10 years!

CyberStar is a sci-fi action/adventure film that introduces girl action-hero Jessie Star. Jessie is a hot shot cyber pilot and computer whiz who saves an environmentally and artistically-devastated Comstate (the planet formerly-known-as Earth) in the year 3535 with the help of a planet of cyber muses whose lush environment Comstate is trying to make its own.

Caught in a battle between the "logic" of the left brain and the "emotion" of the right, Jessie and her international team of young pilots prove that "action" does not have to mean violence as they fight to prevent a devastating war between the two worlds. Before it’s all over, Jessie’s dad, Tommy Star III – a crackerjack fighter pilot who was dishonorably discharged from the Commanding Forces before Jessie was born – must learn to accept a new way of fighting or his daughter will die.

Jessie Star action figures will provide a modern alternative to Barbie…

Rookie tells the story of Sue "Streak" Weller, a star high school point guard from poverty-stricken Appalachian Virginia with a big heart and an even bigger mouth who has to choose between becoming the first girl in her family to go to college and the glory of going pro at 17.

When a cosmopolitan Irish recruiter travels to Streak’s small hometown to lure her to the big time, he ends up reconsidering his own values and coming to terms with his own unfulfilled past. 

The Opposition is the story of the excellent adventures and anti-terrorist activities of the first real Thelma & Louise - Suffragists Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, next gen freedom fighters of their day who would rather fight than jump.

With the help of their militant British counterparts, they came of age and withstood harassment, jail, beatings, forced feedings and the wrath of their foremothers as they masterminded a strategy to force "the opposition" - Woodrow Wilson and the entire U.S. Government - to give them the right to work, vote and play at their brothers’ sides.

Set in the present and the past, Paul & Burns are "called up" by Kara Paul and Thad Burns, two street smart kids who are trying to get their underdog Senatorial candidate elected against all odds.

Glory a Lifetime is the girl's antidote to Catcher in the Rye and all of Holden's misguided notions about who girls are and what they really want.  Set in a girls prep school in the Maryland countryside, Glory is the coming-of-age story of five very different friends who handle the fight for their destiny in five very different ways.


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