The insite Foundation will be insite’s non-profit partner. Its mission is to create a fair and civilized world in the 21st century.

It promises to do this by pursuing strategies not yet pursued by other progressive institutions, to wit: addressing the root causes of injustices in the most fundamental organism of human agency - the brain; setting free and valuing the talents and perspectives of women as well as men; respecting and utilizing the immense creativity and talents of youth; and establishing synergistic, reinforcing transglobal divisions that will form a coordinated progressive infrastructure.

The Foundation will set up and fund multi-disciplinary organizations that are committed to offering pro-social alternatives to the pathological ways of thinking and acting that have caused the world’s history of violence and injustice. It also will provide relief to the victims of these injustices so they can get back into "the game of life."


Our civilization is still in the middle stage, scarcely beast, in that it is no longer  guided by instinct, scarcely human in that it is not yet wholly guided by reason.
– Theodore Dreiser, Sister Carrie

In order to effectively address the root causes of the world’s injustices, the insite Foundation will set up a People R&D Lab, a multi-disciplinary institution where scientists, psychologists, teachers, philosophers, politicians and artists can discover just what makes women and men tick and how to change the pathological ways of their thinking and acting that creates these injustices. The information gleaned from The People Lab will inform all things insite and provide much-needed answers to some very basic questions about human behavior and societal structure.

The People Lab will be a multi-disciplinary institution that focuses on how the individual units of all our systems - "people" - are created, shaped and altered by biological and environmental forces. Given the findings, The People Lab can posit ways to best raise children and shape society in order to assure the most civilized, healthy world. It also can suggest ways to treat those people already traumatized by the dysfunctional world in which we live and perhaps stop them from contributing to our downward spiral of destruction and self-destruction.


Media, with which children spend more time than with parents or teachers, have great potential for shaping the hearts, minds and behaviors of America's young people and we need to take this potential very seriously.
      - Testimony of Donald E. Cook, MD, FAAP, AAP President, before the US
         Senate Commerce Committee, 2000

We all know more about the personal lives of our favorite movie stars than we do about officials who make decisions that affect our rights and lives directly.
      - Ashley Stewart, Youth Radio

The insite Foundation’s vision for youth is to inspire them to organize the most powerful socially-responsible activist community on the planet in order to effectively address global social, economic and environmental injustices. It also proposes to provide the resources and infrastructure with which to do so by establishing youth community cafes, a world wide youth news network and radio station, educational TV for the classroom, a global youth alliance, a think tank, sports and educational programs and global arts facilities for radical art, The Global Arts CoLab.

After insite media peaks the viewer’s interest about certain issues and problems within the playful environment of popular entertainment, the Foundation’s infrastructure will provide them with the resources to educate themselves further on each subject, hook up with others who share the same interests and join organizations that can help turn their interest into action, whether that action be at the personal, community, national or global level.

insite’s board of expert advisors will further make the pro-social perspective part of the popular youth consciousness by touring on the talk show circuit in conjunction with the release of insite entertainment and by contributing content to engaging and accessible insite "Teacher’s Guides," video games, educational software and insite web sites for youth.

The Foundation’s vision is to make these globally responsible youth a strong voice and vote in governmental elections and in the non-governmental processes of world organizations that are defining who we are as a global society in the 21st century. Indeed, a mobilized voting block of 18-25 year olds - a progressive segment traditionally ignored by establishment politicians - would have the power to create monumental change in the world.


In no society are women secure or treated as equal to men.  Personal insecurity shadows them from cradle to grave. . . from childhood through adulthood, they are abused because of their gender.
1995 UN Human Development Report 

Stereotypical, sexualized, and negative portrayals of women can harm children's expectations of women and, therefore, their own healthy development.
- Children Now, 2000

Boys are exposed relentlessly to a narrow, confining picture of masculinity in America, one that reinforces anger and violence as the way to solve problems.
- Dr. William Pollack, Harvard Medical School

A bird flies on two wings. A bird cannot fly if one wing is broken. – Unknown

An attempt to fix something that’s broken should be directed first to the most fundamental and widespread problem, because, until that problem is resolved, other, resultant problems, cannot be. As recognized by Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, it is impossible to achieve a civilized society when one-half of the world’s population is oppressing the other. If we are to achieve social justice as members of "Team Human Race," we have got to end the "battle of the sexes" once and for all.

Unfortunately, while 1 of every 3 females are victims of abuse by men, 2/3rds of the world’s poor are women and 100 million women are "missing" because of the discrimination against the girl-child, businessmen and their multinational corporations consistently not only fund, but honor, male musicians, directors, producers, gamers and actors who glorify (or trivialize) the systemic abuse, rape, humiliation, objectification and murder of women and girls as "entertainment." This "entertainment" has become increasingly ubiquitous as a fuel for backlash against the "modern" woman who seeks more freedom. It also encourages more abuse on the part of boys and men and creates fear and low self-esteem in girls and women.

Thus, while insite media is busy trying to change how we think, the insite Foundation will address the symptoms of how we think now by establishing the Global One Co-op, a kind of "Red Cross" for the victims of the gender wars. Guided by the revolutionary brain research of NYU neuroscientist Prof. Joseph LeDoux and the post-traumatic stress and rehabilitation work of Harvard physician Lisa Najavits, Global One Co-op will be a state-of-the-art mental health and wellness facility for women and their children. At Global One, women suffering the physiological effects of gender injustices, such as battering by men (aka "domestic violence"), rape, incest, sexual trauma, sexual objectification, gender discrimination and harassment and feminized poverty will receive multi-faceted care.

Acknowledging that conventional addiction treatment has been largely a failure – especially for women, Global One will seek to find creative new ways to treat the complex pathologies, such as self-medication and abuse through drugs, alcohol, eating, cutting, sex and other compulsions, resulting from this pandemic gender oppression. Global One will focus on developing state-of-the-art programs in art, dance, drama and music therapy to be administered by insite’s Global Arts CoLab and will advocate physical exercise as an integral part of recovery.

To continue to ignore the plight of one-half of our population - particularly the one that is charged with raising our future generations – is to continue down our pathological spiral. Gender equity will not only raise women up, it will set boys and men free of the insanely unreasonable expectations they must meet in order to live up to their gender construct. In short, it will make the entire world a better place for everyone.


"Entertainment media are a major industry in the United States...the entertainment industry is not only economically important, but it carries powerful messages of who we are, how we live, and what we dream. It represents the spirit and culture of America - to ourselves, to the world, and to history."
      - Testimony of Donald E. Cook, MD, FAAP, AAP President, before the US
         Senate Commerce Committee, 2000

Each year, thousands of musicians from as far as Kerala, India and as near as Freehold, New Jersey make the trek to New York City to perform in one of its thousands of art venues, to watch other artists perform or to simply catch the vibe of the most art-filled town in the world.  The Global Arts CoLab - insite's fully-wired, state-of-the-art, "smart" audio-visual recording/learning center - will provide the globally responsive of these artists with opportunities, services, equipment and peer collaboration unavailable to them anywhere else in the world and at prices and with a bartering system they can afford.   The Global CoLab also will serve as part of insite's R&D arm and provide its globally responsive artists with their own arts playground in NYC.

The musicians signed to InSub Records can earn money while they are developing their careers (and after they hit the big time) at the CoLab providing music instruction, art therapy and music skills to New York area youth and at-risk mothers and children participating in insite's Global One Co-op programs. CoLab staff will provide both these groups with the various technical skills necessary to have a voice in the 21st Century, such as sound recording, engineering, web streaming, producing, film, sound and video editing, film and TV production, videography, and graphic design for web sites and CD covers. 

There will be an emphasis on training girls and women for those technical positions that remain a largely all-male affair, such as sound recording, directing, engineering and camera. 

Members of the CoLab community will collaborate with professionals in the creation of low-cost commercials and educational spots for non-profits, affordable music videos, music demos, full-length CDs, web sites and cover art for unsigned musicians. The more exhibitionist of the bunch can work as Cyber Hosts on the CoLab’s web channel, Globalcolab.com.

Through this collaboration, the CoLab seeks to introduce the artistic voices of tomorrow to people from various cultural backgrounds, socio-economic classes and political perspectives in order to stimulate these artists to think about a wide variety of mature subjects from various perspectives.  The CoLab further seeks to make the "at-risk" of today the voices of tomorrow by nurturing and inspiring those people who are not privileged enough to have the time, space, money and dreams to create art. Global Co-Op participants also will be called on to provide administrative and support services, but no janitorial or food services.


The Global Arts CoLab will operate as a non-profit corporation and be funded by insite and other non-profit and for-profit institutions and private individuals concerned about the ever-shrinking access to the arts by public school and at-risk youth, such as the Soros Foundation, Americans for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts "Community Assets" Program and the Lilla Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund.


The insite Foundation also will provide funding for people and non-governmental programs that address the injustices that our governments do not have the political will to address. insite entertainment also will provide product placement for socially responsible organizations.