Why electricalsoil?

"I am always doing what I can not do in order to learn how to do it."
- Vincent van Gogh

We have the best rates for the most comprehensive service

Because we build completely customizable sites, including Flash work, after an in-person consultation - and help you take care of all the technical issues that a site entails - for the lowest prices around. In fact, we pride ourselves in being flexible and for thinking outside the box to come up with cost-efficient solutions to all your web needs. 

You literally can come through the door without knowing a thing about cyberspace and our one-step web building shop will gently walk you through the process of getting your domain name, your hosting service and your new email address from the most inexpensive and reliable companies on the web. 

Need a shopping cart to sell merch or product, or a guestbook/message board to build a community/get feedback?   No worries, we know the ones that don't go down every five minutes and that don't take exorbitant percentages of your profits (some we know donít take anything!) or a monthly fee. Need a way to get payment over the web without a credit card account?  No problem, we can set that up, too.

If you compare electricalsoil to your other options, you'll find we fill the huge gap between the super-flashy $3,500+ web sites created by designers and builders who don't take care of the technical details and whose rates still start at $65/hr. and the cheesy, pre-made sites for $399 where you never see a human being and you have to use their hosting service for an outrageous monthly fee.

If you find another company that offers what we offer for a lower price, we'll beat it by 5%.

We understand indie artists

As indie artists/businesspeople ourselves - in our other lives we are a musician and a visual artist/director - we know that you are working on a tight budget, but still want a site that aesthetically represents who you are and one that keeps fans/customers/agents coming back. We think we can deliver that at a price that is reasonable and still make enough profit to keep us happy and able to do the indie art we love (although we really love building web sites now, too!).

We're easy to work with (even when it comes to the money)

We're also gentle and easy to work with and will try hard to demystify the web process for you as we go step by step to choose the right site and technical components for your needs.  If money is a problem, we can work out some kind of payment plan that is acceptable to both of us. We're not hyper-capitalists and understand living from pay check to pay check.

We're imaginative and can create visual content for you

Additionally, if you need visual content for your site, such as photographs, video stills and video clips, we can do that too!  If you want to get funky with your pics and images, we can jazz them up in one of our many graphics programs, as well.

We create cool and effective logos for you

We also create custom logos for use on your web site, stationary and business cards. We have several great artists on the e-soil team, each with their own style. The prices vary with degree of complexity. We'll work it out with you.

Take a look around

So, please take a look around our site. Contact our Prez/Artistic Director DeSales - electricalsoil@nyc.rr.com - if you have any questions or if you don't see something you think you would need.