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Sample Sites

Below is a broad cross-section of the sites we have designed and built.  They give you an idea of what could be included in your site, although they reflect the individual aesthetic of each client.

Because we only build completely customized sites, we will brainstorm with you one-on-one to design your own unique cyberhome in terms of layout, color, graphics, form, fonts, accessories and everything else! 

We've also included a few client "mockups" of which we are particularly fond, as well as a couple of sites-in-progress.  As you can see, we've built sites for clients from all over the US, including here in New York City, California, Chicago, Florida, Connecticut and upstate New York.


Sample electricalsoil Web Sites

Please click on the project names below.

The Second Story Studio - California Artist:Art Educator:Art Therapist
Cabbages & Kings Catering - Connecticut Gourmet Catering
My Postcard Art - California Postcard Art
Inspirit - New York City Dance Company
New Rochelle Racquet Club
Linton Real Estate, Inc. - West Palm Beach Real Estate Broker
The Art Therapy Studio - California Art Therapist   
Alex Craven - New York City Musician/Producer
The Station Agent - Miramax Feature Film
SenArt Films - Oscar-winning Film Company
Michael Anton : Photographer - New York City Photography
insite - Progressive Entertainment & Communications Company
Pilates Studio Locust Valley - Pilates Studio
FlyLife - NYC Lesbian & Gay Marketing Firm
Maury Epstein - Jazz Musician (Flash Intro only)
Rock the Planet - Feature Film
Video My Gig - Video & Photography
TwiceOne - Chicago Classical Duo
Pete Tufel Band - Rock Band
Pete Tufel Band - Rock Band - Mockup 1
Jazz Ramcharitar - New York City Celebrity Stylist
Journey to Eden - New York City Holistic Studio
Merideth Kaye Clark - Musician/Actor - Mockup 1
Merideth Kaye Clark - Musician/Actor - Mockup 2
Merideth Kaye Clark - Musician/Actor - Mockup 3
Idealife - Personal Life Coach - Mockup 1
Idealife - Personal Life Coach - Mockup 2
New Breed Obsession - Metal Band - Mockup 1
Linda Roscetti - Painter
Transition Nutrition - Wellness Company - site in progress
Mitch Horowitz - Tarcher/Penguin Editor-in-Chief
Dawn Drake - World Musician





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- Adrienne Rich, Writer  Poet / Feminist