Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Web Site Rates & Services

In order to keep your costs clear, we work at the "Piece Rate" below.  If you get a big package, we often give you more of a discount.

For work that is not broken down below under Piece Rates, we charge $39/hr for indie artists and $48/hr for indie businesses.

Our Flash rates are $55 for indie artists and $79 for indie businesses.  We also offer a selection of very cool - totally not cheesy - full Flash sites we can customize for you for $699.

We also use our Piece Rates for updates, except for text updates, which we charge at the hourly rate, and we only charge you to the 6th of an hour (every 10mins).

As far as we know, these are the lowest rates around. If you can find someone who does what we do - custom design & build - for less, we'll beat their price by 5%.

Indie Artist Packages

As indie artists, we subsidize the arts ourselves by offering bargain basement “Artist Packages” for solo, independent artists who are not making money playing (only).  If you are an indie artist, you also qualify for cheaper Piece Rates to add on to your packages - see the Artist Packages page.

Our Logo

For all sites, we add a small, color-coordinated electricalsoil logo, which keeps our marketing costs down and allows us to charge cheaper rates.   You can do away with the logo for a $250 fee if you are an artist or $500 if you are a business.

Website Consultation

If you need to consult with us about what kind of site would be the right site for you, such as flash/non-flash, number/name of pages, image use, colors, fonts, MP3 bit rate/length, newsletter strategy or anything else, we charge $39/hr for indie artists and $48/hr for indie businesses. If this consultation leads to work for us, we will put 50% of what we charged you towards final payment of the new work.

You can sit down with us in our apt/office here in the East Village or we can do it over the phone.

Hosting $5/MO and Domain Names $9.20/YR

Plus, we don’t make you host with us, but rather, direct you to an independent, incredibly reliable and service-oriented hosting company that charges only $5/month to keep your site up in cyberspace.  It may be  slightly more expensive if you have a blog, php pages and/or CGI or thousands of visitors watching video and listening to music per month. BUT this is an unusual case..

And, we know where to get domain names for only $8.95/year (9.20 with tax) and transfers for $6.95 (PLUS one year free!).

Site Management

We offer site management too. You probably won't think this is important until...you call us in a panic because your domain name company has just sent you some cryptic email about how you need to do x, y & z to keep getting your emails, or, goddess forbid, your site crashes because you forgot to renew something (or because you tried to edit it yourself ;) or you REALLY need edits ASAP because you have an important gig/project coming up (because, otherwise, we have to put you in a queue ...)

The cost of site management depends upon how big your site is and how many elements we have to take care of, but generally it will be as low as $15-49/mo. It's more expensive for businesses that have more needs. What we do is stay with you as your sort of "internet division".  We are your site troubleshooting friends :)

Happily, if you have us manage your site, we'll also take off 5% on the cost of any future edits/updates.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

We offer SEO as an  alternative to all the scams out there. Yes SEO is important and yes most services charge you an arm and a leg simply to rip you off!  We'll do what is necessary to get your site high page rankings - accurate key words and meta tags, good page content, specific and "to the tee" registrations in the most important engines - so that people can find you/your product when they are searching on Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, etc. 

We also know the things not to do - those things that irritate the folks at the big search engines so much that they blacklist you!

Marketing Your Website Online

For businesses, we also can set you up in the Yahoo Business Directory and figure out a good Google ADword strategy so you really can get seen when someone searches on Google for product or services you market (it's those small ads/paragraphs that come up on the right in your Google search results). Google ADwords are really amazing and they let you set your own daily marketing budget.

Our rates vary on this, depending upon what you need. But, we again guarantee, that we'll do it cheaper than anyone else.

Text Editing/Content

We can help you come up with text that works on the web for your site/product/service and/or we can edit the text you submit to us after giving it a shot yourself.

As you will find if you do a little Google research, editorial content for the web is unlike any other medium. We have a long history of helping folks figure out how to say what they want to say in an interesting, user-friendly and concise way for the web

Our client Mar Kelly, Founder/CEO of MAK Technologies, thinks our writing "combines heart with smarts" :). 

We charge $55/hr. for this work.

(This is also called "Identity" and "Branding" these days...)

We create custom logos for use on your web site starting at $249.  The price varies with the degree of complexity of the logo.  We'll work it out with you.  Add $99 for stationary and business cards.

We are Planetarily Responsible

Please note that we are not neo-cons/caps. We need money to live, but it's not the most important thing in our lives. Thus, even if you've got a big, fat project for us, we will not be involved in any way with sites that are sexist, racist or homophobic.



If you need voluminous amounts of one thing or another, chances are we’ll lower the rates below.

Page w/ Text $129
Pop-up Page w/ Text $75
Picture/Image $38 each - we digitize/photoshop
$25 each - you digitize/we photoshop
$15 each - you digitize/format
MP3 $35 each - we convert/edit/post
$25 each - you edit/we covert/post
$15 each - you convert/edit
Up to 5MB 
$229 each - you edit/we convert/post
$139 each - you edit/convert/we post
Let's Talk - we edit/convert/post
E-Mail Signup $139
.PDF $39 each - up to 3 pages
Guestbook $175
Message Board $175
Blog $199
phpbb Forum Let's Talk
Flash Text Intro $199
Basic Flash Intro $389 (add $129 for music)
Complex Flash Intro Let's Talk
Complete Flash Site* $699
*Cool, Customizable Design
Custom Flash Site Let's Talk
Shopping Cart $349 and up - up to 2 initial items
$75 each - additional item
Let's Talk - Multiple Sizes and Colors
Custom Logos $249+up (add $99 for stationary/biz card)
E-cards $129 + up



"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."
- Joseph Chilton Pearce, Radical Child Psychologist