"Do not fear mistakes - there are none."
- Miles Davis

Performance Videotapes, DVDs and Video Stills

If you need some visual content for your site, such as a still photo, a funky image or a video clip, we've got a team of talented and experienced visual artists/videographers who can get you what you need. We also can create a DVD of your performance.

         (video stills from live performances)

If you have a gig coming up in the New York City area, our award-winning cinematographer/director, DeSales, will come out and video your gig.  She's been videoing bands live in the Northeast for over 10 years and can provide an added dimension to spice up your performance with in-camera special effects. For $250, you’ll get a copy of your performance (one set or one hour max.) transferred to broadcast quality VHS with custom labels.  You can then order additional copies at $10/VHS with custom label and case. If you'd like us to create a DVD, we can also do that!

We also can capture and format stills from the videotape and use them on your site for $10/still - including consultation time.  Many of the photos on this site came from videotapes of live performances. We also can funkify your pics in one of our many graphics programs. 

(video stills from live performances)




Still Photography

electricalsoil can shoot 35mm stills for your site at the rate of $75/hr. plus the cost of film and developing. We use a NIKON N90s body and have a NIKON 35-80mm lens that works great for most situations, and then a wonderful NIKON ED NIKKOR 80-200mm 1:2.8 D lens for those "soft" long lens photos that stand out in a crowd.  We also can add filters to get a dreamy, funky look (see below).

We work with a number of fabulous freelance photographers who do digital photography and one who specializes in headshots. We'll make sure they give you an indie artist price!


Audition Videotapes

We provide audition video tape services for an additional $99 for up to 15 minutes of performance. Because DeSales is an award-winning director and cinematographer, she'll know how to get it right - from the sound quality to the light to the framing to the acting.  And she'll probably have some notes for you if you want them!  

We'll transfer the audition to VHS and make custom labels for you.  Total time allocated for the entire service is 2 hours (which is usually plenty 'o time). Extra time will be charged at $20 per half hour.