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Sinead O'Connor

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Are You an Independent Artist?

Because we recognize the value of the arts to our community, our planet and, most fundamentally, to our brains, we offer discounts to independent artists. Artists, who are independent of the neo-corporate system that demands they create art that caters to its unhealthy needs of low self-worth, aggression and consumerism, rather than art that nurtures the positive life force in us all.

The e-soil team applauds you and, although, we too, live hand to mouth as artists in our other life, we want to subsidize you with our own labor by offering discounted "Artist Packages".  Keep creating what's INSIDE you, because it's inside US, as well. For more on this note, check out our mother company film-in-progress at 

NOTE: This discount does NOT apply to people pretending to be Artists who merely use "expression" to further the neo-corporate agenda, such as those of the same mind-set as the screamers below. (Oops, we hope they don't sue us/censor us for our First Amendment "expression")

Unfortunately, you
 already know his name.

                ARTIST PACKAGE ADD-ONS

If you want a little something extra, but can't afford to step up to the next Package, we'll build in specific "Add-Ons" to any site at the following special Artist Rates:

Page w/ Text $99
Pop-Up Page w/ Text $45
Picture $24 each - we digitize/photoshop
$12 each - you digitize/format
MP3 $24 each - we convert/edit/post
  $15 each - you format/we post
Up to 5mb
$189 each - we convert/post
$99 each - you convert/we post
Let's Talk - we edit/convert/post
E-mail Signup $75
Guestbook $129
Message Board $129
phpbb Forum Let's Talk
Flash Text Intro $99
Basic Flash Intro $199
Custom Flash Intro Let's Talk
Shopping Cart - PayPal $129
$30 each item
Custom Logos $99 + up
E-cards $99 + up





"I cannot live under pressures from         patrons, let alone paint."
- Michelangelo