The major expenses in building a web site are software programs (which are now paid for), the web builder's and designer's time and the company's overhead and marketing. 

We work out of our home/office in the East Village with little overhead and we only advertise for free via word of mouth, e-mail and flyers.  We also put a small electricalsoil logo on your home page so that if people like your site they'll come check us out (which you can dispense with for a $250 fee if you are an indie artist and $500 if you are a business). This cuts down on marketing costs and allows us to charge low rates.

We also aren't interested in hyper-capitalism and can still make a nice profit for the prices we charge. 

We figure you’ve already worked that one out if you are here, but if not, please read on… If you are an indie artist, a web site is one of the best and cheapest ways for you to promote yourself and your art and to build a following through your guestbook and e-mail list.  It also is an efficient and interesting way to provide information to bookers, agents, directors, choreographers and press so you can get some jobs and make some money from your art.

If you are an indie business, a web site is the most cost-effective way of marketing and selling your merchandise that there is.  We will register you on all the major search engines so customers can find you and set you up with a reliable shopping cart, so your transactions will be hassle-free.  It also is a good way of keeping in touch with customers via an e-mail list, so you can tell them about specials and sales.

And, remember, web sites save trees!

Cause we are creative, hard-working, familiar with what artists and indie businesses should have on their sites and can do it for the cheapest price around.   In fact, if you find a cheaper deal, we'll beat it by 5%.

It’s your web site. We are here to provide technical guidance and give our input with respect to text, pictures and layout and help you decide on practical aspects such as navigation, but ultimately, what you want is what we want to do.

A domain name is an address on the web.  For example, www.yourname.com

Yes. The domain name will be registered in your/your business name.

Yes. Once the web site has been completed and paid for, it becomes your property. All pictures, music and information you submit to use for the web site remain your property at all times. 

In general, we keep electronic copies of the art files. One, in case you need to make updates in the future. And two, so that we can show off your site on our website.

Yes. Once the logo has been completed and paid for, it becomes your property. We make each logo from scratch so your logo will be a custom original. It is still, however, your responsibility to check on the legal availability of your company name and image. 

In general, we keep electronic copies of the art files. One, in case you need to make updates in the future. And two, so that we can show off your site on our website.

When we've finished your site, it needs to be posted to the world wide web so that people can access it. This is done by companies who "host" your web site on their "servers."  Your domain name is like your virtual address and your hosting service is like your virtual parking space.

All servers are not equal!  Some crash and are often out of service. We've researched a lot and believe we've found an excellent server for a very very cheap price. 

Hosting service plans go up in price when the amount of content you put on your site reaches a certain point. However, unless you are a full orchestra and everyone wants 10 pages or an indie K-Mart, you should qualify for a very cheap service - $5 per month.

If, however, you would prefer to have your site hosted on another server we will gladly set that up for you.

Once your site has been published to the web, it is accessible from any computer with an internet connection or from wireless devices such as web-connected mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Accessories).

We will submit your site to the major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.   Once someone goes to one of these search engines, they will type in your name and your site should appear in their search results. You also should remember to put your domain name on all your business cards and flyers and to announce it at gigs if you are a band.

We can update and maintain your site at our regular rate of $26/hr. for indie artists and $32/hr. for indie businesses. We charge on a pro rata system, so if your edits take 30 minutes we'll only charge you for 30 minutes. If you want to add extra pages, pictures, songs or a flash intro to your site we will charge on a per item basis - see "Piece Rates" on the Rates page.

We require 60% of your payment in cash after our initial consultation. This is non-refundable. The other 40% will be required after the web site is complete, but before it is posted to your personal web address.

  • I want something on my site that you don’t list - can you do it?   (return to top)

We probably can.  Please let us know what you have in mind and we’ll let you know as soon as possible. 

If you have a question we haven't answered, please e-mail us and we promise to get back to you very quickly!  We pride ourselves in our customer service.




"Music is your own experience, you're thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out your horn." - Charlie Parker